We want to encourage everyone to cast their vote on Wednesday, 8 May 2019 (between 7am and 9pm), in electing the political party that they will trust to run their province and country.

In South Africa, National and Provincial elections take place every 5 years. This election determines which party will run our country and also the number of seats each party has in Parliament. The election also determines which of the political parties will govern each of our provinces.

Current polling data predicts the following outcomes:

What is the importance of casting your vote??

  •    Your voice is your vote.
  •    Voting impacts our community.
  •    Elections have consequences that last for decades.
  •    It allows us to choose our government representatives.
  •    It gives younger individuals an opportunity to participate in the political process.

The surprising election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States and the Brexit referendum vote are some of the most recent examples of what happens when people are indifferent and do not exercise their right to vote. In both cases voters marched to protest the outcome. With the Brexit referendum, they were demanding another chance to vote to potentially reverse the outcome.