Sparrow Society is a Non Profit Company based in Cape Town South Africa working towards a more equal and unified society through skills development, job creation and enterprise development. With a mission of “Changing the world one really cool product at a time”, Sparrow Society offers a sustainable business model that empowers its creators with the experience, training and opportunity for upward mobility while creating a high-quality, reliable product and service for some of South Africa’s most reputable brands and companies.


In June 2018 we partnered with Greenpop, a Cape Town based NGO, to contribute towards conserving and restoring ecosystems across Sub-Saharan Africa. Greenpop’s work includes planting trees and vegetation in urban greening and reforestation projects and, to date, they have planted over 100,000 trees. At Southwood Financial Planning we use quite a lot of paper, and while we are continuously making a conscious effort to reduce our paper usage, we cannot eliminate paper completely. By supporting Greenpop each month our aim is to balance out our paper usage with the number of trees that have been planted by Greenpop’s reforestation projects. We are proud to be sponsors of such an incredible organisation.