Estate planning is critical in one’s broader financial plan as it ensures the orderly and sensitive transfer of assets from one generation to the next. A Last Will and Testament is an important part of estate planning.

Many of our clients will be familiar with the questions fired at them from across the table at their financial planning review-  “Do you have an updated Will in place?” “Can we have a copy for our records?”  Keeping your Will up to date and allowing us to have a copy on file means that should anything happen to you, we are aware of the Will and we have a copy readily available to assist your loved ones during this difficult time.  We are also then able to assist in the management of the assets during the winding up process.

Just as important is ensuring that you have nominated beneficiaries on your various life policies, retirement annuities, endowments and tax free investments.  Before each review we carefully go through your schedule and should you be missing a beneficiary we provide you with the required forms.  The beneficiaries nominated for each applicable policy/ investment will be highlighted on your Xplan schedule that we provide you with at your review.

The article below, written by Thandi Ngwane from Allan Gray, highlights the importance of having an up to date Will and nominated beneficiaries in place.











“Thinking about death is uncomfortable. But, trying to rebuild your life after the death of a loved one and dealing with questions of money is a stress that nobody should have to bear. As uncomfortable as it is to confront your own mortality, it is important to create a plan that provides for the financial needs of your loved ones. Thandi Ngwane explains.” Read More HERE