Prudential is one of South Africa’s only companies to be closely associated with a woman for over 150 years:LADY PRU

– Prudence has been the public face of Prudential since 1848, when her image was used for the company seal.

Prudence is one of the four cardinal virtues;

  1. Prudence,
  2. Justice
  3. Fortitude
  4. Temperance.

Since Greek and Roman times Prudence has been personified as a woman holding a serpent and a mirror.

A prudent act was considered to combine memory, intelligence and foresight, and so showing awareness of past, present and future.

The current corporate logo was designed in 1986. It shows a much more stylised Prudence, but remains faithful to the traditional symbolism. The concept of prudence also still shapes our value investing philosophy today.

Prudence’s image has three essential symbols that represent three core values that we aspire to:

The mirror = self-reflectionLADY PRU 2

The arrow = direction

The serpent = wisdom

Today, prudence is defined as “wise; discerning in adapting means to ends; having sound judgement in practical affairs; circumspect; discreet; worldly wise and having practical wisdom”.

Our investment philosophy and process can be described similarly, since we are very risk-conscious in constructing and managing our clients’ portfolios.

Thank you Maryke Sage from Prudential for this informative presentation, presented to us at our Women’s Day Lucnh