There has been ongoing hype in the media about the proposed implementation of National Health Insurance in South Africa. Although this may be a wonderful idea, as most of us are spending a very high proportion of our disposable income on medical aid and top-up insurance (GAP cover), the implementation is still a very long way off.

It is thus important to consider a proper review of your medical aid and GAP insurance needs. Your circumstances may have changed due to the diagnosis of a new medical condition, the birth of a baby or a change in your marital status. Southwood Financial Planning has engaged with JDH Financial Solutions, a specialist health insurance brokerage, to offer healthcare related advisory services to our clients.

JDH Financial Solutions has more than 30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. It is for this reason that we would like to encourage our clients to engage with JDH Financial Solutions to assess your current healthcare situation. This not only includes your medical aid benefits, but your GAP cover needs as well. JDH Financial Solutions are contracted with several medical schemes and GAP cover providers and they can thus address most of your healthcare needs.

Why medical aid is important?

Our health is something that we often take for granted and we tend not to think about it until we are diagnosed with a medical condition or we suffer a medical emergency. Have you ever considered that without sufficient medical cover you could be financially ruined when you or one of your loved ones need to be hospitalised? Healthcare is not only a matter of dealing with emergencies, as medical schemes provide cover in many other situations, such as general surgery, acute and chronic medication, scopes and scans.

Many people suffer from Chronic Illnesses and the cost of routine treatment and medication can be a financial burden. We would like to assist you to identify and eradicate this financial burden, where applicable and at the same time protect your health.

Why Gap cover is important?

Medical schemes often do not pay the full account for specialist treatment or procedures performed in a hospital, which would mean that you “the member” will be liable for the shortfall on those accounts.

As you may know, may specialists charge substantially more than the medical scheme tariff, but this is not the only concern. What about a medical scheme’s compulsory co-payments or the sub-limits of your medical scheme that you exceed on selected procedures or services such as MRI/CT scans or the use of an internal prosthesis.

A suitable GAP cover product will take care of these short payments, thereby reducing your exposure to having to pay large amounts of money when you are hospitalised. The benefits are extensive, and a GAP policy’s premium is often not overly expensive. We believe that GAP cover should become part of every person’s healthcare insurance portfolio.

Should you be interested to learn more about these matters, please feel free to contact Southwood Financial Planning or JDH Financial Solutions directly.

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