August is Women’s month in South Africa

Women’s day was marked by a public holiday on Monday the 10th of August.  We celebrate the strength and resilience of women such as Lilian Ngoyi, Sophia Williams, Rahima Moosa, and Helen Joseph who led the famous March in 1956 against the South African Government’s pass laws.

In celebration of women’s month, we would like to use our platform to highlight a non-profit organisation, started by women and run by women which is close to our heart….. Sparrow Society.

Sparrow Society works to empower a more equal and unified society through job creation and skills development partnerships & initiatives. Locally made with locally sourced materials. Buy ethically. Give responsibly.

Sparrow Society has been able to create employment for over 100 women during the Covid 19 shutdown, allowing them to work safely from home, while earning a salary that empowers them with choice.

It has been proven that when women are able to financially sustain themselves, they are less vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

“Financial impediments play a major role in restricting a woman who experiences intimate partner violence from initially gaining freedom from the abusive relationship.  Moreover, financial instability is one of the greatest reasons why, after gaining freedom, a woman has limited choices and may ultimately acquiesce to an abuser’s attempts at reconciliation.

Advocates agree that for many women it comes down to a choice between ensuring resources for their children and freedom from abuse.  The choice is clear for many women- feed, house, and clothe the children, even if it compromises her safety.”

-(2014) Financial Freedom: Women, Money and Domestic Abuse p357

Non Profit Company

Sparrow Society is a Non Profit Company. This means that their profit doesn’t get distributed to Shareholders, but rather gets sown back into their programs, trainings and opportunities for their Creators.

You can shop online where you will find a variety of products (from t-shirts, to jewellery, to masks) or you can visit them in store at 11 Atlantic Road, Muizenberg.  They are also able to custom make orders and they have done so for Southwood Financial Planning in the past.