SantamDid you know….one in thirty-five women in South Africa will get breast cancer.

In today’s day and age, the likelihood of us knowing someone who has had breast cancer (mother, friend, sister) or having fallen victim ourselves to this disease, is a scary reality. However, with earlier detection rates and continued improvements in treatment, the survival rate is comfortingly high.

Contracting an illness like breast cancer can have a devastating impact, emotionally, physically and financially. The road to recovery is often a long one and associated with major expenses that are not covered by medical aid. Trauma counseling may be necessary for the depression the patient faces as a result of reconstructive surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In addition, lifestyle changes, such as loss of income and the need for childcare facilities, may result in increased financial burdens.

Severe illness benefits can provide the additional funds to:
* Help offset any shortfalls on your medical aid
* For additional expenses because of lifestyle changes
* Assist in loss of income

Medical aids (such as Discovery Health and Momentum Health) cover Mammograms as part of their prevention and screening benefits.

* Discovery Health – up to one per year – covered up to a maximum of the Discovery Health rate – all plans
* Momentum Health – once every two years – women 38 years and older on the Custom, Incentive, Extender and Summit plans

At Southwood Financial Planning we always quote the most comprehensive and cost effective severe illness benefits.

For your information, please have a look at the Sanlam dread disease cover brochure.

To discuss severe illness benefits further and for a free, no obligation, severe illness benefit quote or a quote to increase your existing cover, please contact us by return email or by calling the office on (021) 701-1161.

“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.”
– Winston Churchill