Below are some questions that are frequently asked by potential clients about our services and financial planning.

Click on the question below to read our answers. Should you prefer to talk to one of our financial advisors, please contact us directly.

Does Southwood Financial Planning ensure complete confidentiality of my personal information?

We maintain a record of your personal information and any recommendations made to you. Your personal information is made available to others only on your instruction. We also take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

How does Southwood charge for its services?

Our first meeting with you is on a no-obligation basis. View our service level agreement for more information.

Southwood Financial Planning’s (SFP) representatives are remunerated for their services via advice fees as dictated by the needs and circumstances of our clients. The degree of complexity of the planning process and associated service levels also play a part in the decision. In all cases, compensation payable will be detailed and transparent to the client.

All prospective clients are entitled to an initial meeting, on risk (i.e. free of charge) during which time the remuneration structure may be discussed.

How does Southwood protect my interests?

We take responsibility for financial services rendered within agreed mandates and have professional indemnity insurance.

How is Southwood Financial Planning truly independent?

Southwood Financial Planning is a totally independent firm of financial planners that do not represent any particular firm or company. We offer a fully objective range of options and hold no personal shareholding in any product or supplier. This independence is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Is Southwood Financial Planning authorised and qualified to give financial advice?

Our financial planners are certified financial planners (CFP® ). They are authorised by the Financial Service Board (FSB) to give advice and offer intermediary services in the following categories:

Category 1
1.1 Long-Term Insurance: Category A
1.2 Long-Term Insurance: Category B1
1.3 Long-Term Insurance: Category B2
1.4 Long-Term Insurance: Category C
1.5 Retail Pension Benefits
1.6 Pension Fund Benefits (excluding Retail Pension Benefits)
1.7 Securities and Instruments: Shares
1.8 Securities and Instruments: Money Market Instruments
1.9 Securities and Instruments: Debentures and Securitised Debt
1.10 Securities and Instruments: Warrants, Certificates and other Instruments
1.11 Securities and Instruments: Bonds
1.12 Securities and Instruments: Derivative Instruments
1.13 Participatory Interests in Collective Investment Schemes

You may verify this by accessing the FSB website , selecting the FAIS option and entering the Southwood Financial Planning Financial Service Provider (FSP) number 13566. We are also members of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI).

Why should I use a financial planner?

A financial planner is a long-term strategist who helps you focus on achieving your individual or business financial goals. Your planner can explain complex issues in a straightforward way and take the emotion out of the process. A financial planner will make objective recommendations to help you find the best solutions for your specific needs.