Our financial planners are certified financial planners (CFP® ). They are authorised by the Financial Service Board (FSB) to give advice and offer intermediary services in the following categories:

Category 1
1.1 Long-Term Insurance: Category A
1.2 Long-Term Insurance: Category B1
1.3 Long-Term Insurance: Category B2
1.4 Long-Term Insurance: Category C
1.5 Retail Pension Benefits
1.6 Pension Fund Benefits (excluding Retail Pension Benefits)
1.7 Securities and Instruments: Shares
1.8 Securities and Instruments: Money Market Instruments
1.9 Securities and Instruments: Debentures and Securitised Debt
1.10 Securities and Instruments: Warrants, Certificates and other Instruments
1.11 Securities and Instruments: Bonds
1.12 Securities and Instruments: Derivative Instruments
1.13 Participatory Interests in Collective Investment Schemes

You may verify this by accessing the FSB website www.fsb.co.za , selecting the FAIS option and entering the Southwood Financial Planning Financial Service Provider (FSP) number 13566. We are also members of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI).