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Saving for your children’s education

The best gift you can give your child….is an education  Investing in their future With each passing year education costs continue to skyrocket (well over the consumer price index) and our clients continue to express their growing concern over funding their children’s education.  For most parents, this is their number one priority. Regardless of the […]

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Income Protection vs Lump Sum Disability

At Southwood Financial Planning we have always believed that monthly income protection benefits as opposed to lump sum disability benefits are the preferred “disability” benefit. Only if a client truly cannot afford income protection benefits or if a lump sum is required to, for example, pay off large debts, should a lump sum benefit be […]

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Risk Planning

Secure Your Financial Future With Income Protection What is your GREATEST asset? Most people think it’s their house, vehicle or bank balance. They are wrong. For the vast majority of people the greatest asset they have is their ability to generate an income. How does the bond for your house get paid? How do you […]

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