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Don’t let fear influence your investment decisions

By Alan Atkinson a Retail Business Analyst at Prudential As human beings we often allow our emotions to influence our decisions; why purchase the second-hand family car when you could be driving the latest piece of German engineering? While emotional decision-making isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, it can be highly detrimental when it comes […]

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South Africa is at a Political Crossroad

From Nedgroup Investments and Allan Gray on the “State of the Nation”. Cabinet reshuffle: immediate effects Global events in the last year have, to a large extent, prepared capital markets for volatility, particularly following surprises like the UK vote in support of Brexit, Donald Trump winning the US presidential race and Marine Le Pen gaining […]

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Update on market and economic developments – February 2017

Local Markets: In local currency, SA Bonds 0.7%, SA Equities -3.1%, Listed Property -0.4% and cash returned 0.6%. Sector returns: Industrials -1.6%, Resources -9.9% and Financials 0.2%. Exchange Rates: The Rand appreciated against the US Dollar by 2.6%, the Euro by 4.8% and the Pound by 4.3% in February. Offshore Markets: Nikkei -0.7%, FTSE100 0.6%, […]

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