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Do You Have A ‘Business Will’?

Do you, as a business owner, have a will as a personal succession plan? Do you also have a ‘business will’? According to Sanlam’s internal research, two thirds of business owners do not have a ‘business will’ (buy-and-sell arrangement), and for the third that do, only 10% review their ‘business will’ on a regular basis. […]

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Common Estate Planning Questions

What’s the difference between a will and an estate plan? A last will and testament is the cornerstone of every estate plan. It allows you to distribute your assets, appoint guardians for your children, and even provide for a favorite charity. But an estate plan doesn’t end there. A power of attorney, for example, lets […]

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10 Reasons Why Your Will May Be Out Of Date

Another interesting article, this time on the importance of keeping your Will updated. See snippet below and click here to get the full article. “According to the Supreme Court of Appeal in Raubenheimer v Raubenheimer your Will is the most important document you will ever sign. Yet many of us pay scant regard to this […]

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